Built-up Roof Membrane

Built-up Roof Membrane

Built-up roofs are among the most common roof types in the low sloping roof category. It is composed of reinforcement fabric, asphalt (bitumen), and has a top layer finish aggregate, such as stone and gravel. At All Roofing Toronto, we install high-quality built-up roofs that perfectly maximize the roofing system’s benefits. No one else does it better than we do. What we deliver in our Built-Up Root Service


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Built-up Roof Membrane Roofing Services

If you are looking to install a BUR roof that stays for its full lifespan and doesn’t cause you to spend thousands of dollars on repairs, All Roofing Toronto is all you need. 

Our BUR installation service makes even our competitors jealous. We will work with you from the start of your project to its end, making sure to put your roof where it is supposed to be.

If you don’t know enough about Bitumen Installation, here’s a little read …

BUR creates a continuously sealed surface, which contrasts with roof shingles for other low sloping roof membranes. The flat room membrane can last up to 50 years with good maintenance. A good number of roofing materials last longer than Built-Up Roofs. 

In every BUR membrane, there are three components:

  • Ply sheets
  • Bitumen material, and 
  • Surfacing materials, which may be one or more.

The bitumen may be hot since it is heated during construction so that it liquefies, or it could be cold, which has similar characteristics to an adhesive. It is easy to spread cold built-up roofing with a scrubbing brush. During use, it does not give off poisonous gases and is not affected by the weather. It also delivers higher consistency in roofing than hot built-up roofing.

See Why Many Clients Choose Built-Up Roofs (BURs)

As previously mentioned, built-up roofing is one of the most commonly used roofing methods. This trend is due to the following benefits of this form of roofing:

  • Maintenance made simple

Built-up roofing has few elements relative to shingle roofing, which is thus much simpler to maintain. It is affordable and straightforward to repair. And even if a built-up roof gets affected, usually with some patching and replacing some material, everything is returned to shape. 

  • Longevity

A built-up roof’s lifespan is between 15 and 50 years. Even after four long decades, several installations have still stand stable. One of the most critical factors for measuring a roof’s success is its success is the durability of built-up roofing.

  • Heating and cooling

With multiple layers serving as insulation against natural elements, built-up roofing is an excellent insulator, especially in colder climates. For built-up roofing, this ensures that the climate regulation of your property will be more comfortable. 

  • Fire Resistant 

Bitumen contains materials that act as natural fire-resistant, particularly the roofs types that use the ‘cold’ version of bitumen. Materials like ballasted asphalt, which is typically used in the topmost layer of the roof, provide additional protection in a fire.

The only noticeable downside to a built-up roof is that it is comparatively more costly and takes more time and resources to install than shingle roofing. However, the benefits offered by built-up roofing are well worth the increased expenditure of capital, effort, and time.

On the downside, built-up roofing can be cumbersome to install, and installation means exposure to toxic gases, except for cold bitumen processes. Overall, the construction cost is relatively high, and certain roofing forms may be prone to wind or water damage.

Types of Built-Up Roofs we Install in Toronto

Asphalt, tar, and coal tar are typical bitumen materials used in built-up roofing systems (as a cold-applied adhesive). Depending on your roof installation’s scale, nature, and budget, the material you can use for your roofing project differs.

As expert built-up roof contractors, we install the roof to give you the maximum advantages.

The most popular kinds of BUR are:

  • Built-up hot
  • Built-up Cold
  • Built-up Ballasted Asphalt 

Ballasted asphalt is rapidly becoming the preferred choice for roofers due to its capacity as a fire retardant and the finished surface it offers.

Another right choice is cold built-up roofing, especially for environmentally sensitive projects, and it performs better than hot built-up roofing.

With BUR’s popularity and its advantages, you will find the roofing material an excellent roofing choice to use.  

Hopefully, you find this helpful. If you ever have more questions regarding your roof or need help installing a new roof on your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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All Roofing Toronto is a reliable and trusted built-up roof replacement, repair, and installation contractor in Toronto! We are known for being a reliable, expert, and fast built-up roof repair company in Toronto. Many property owners in Toronto often count on us for excellent roofing services even when others fail.

Our experts have many years of experience working as individuals and combined forces. So, when installing or fixing built-up roofs, you can always count on us to deliver the best solutions. Apparently, we’ve seen and worked on something similar to any roofing project you might bring to our table. 

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Ask many property owners in Toronto; they will tell you their building is one of their biggest investments. So, no one would gladly want to lavish their resources on materials and services that are not worth it.  

Here, at All Roofing, we go far and above to ensure we make your investment worthwhile. We deliver roofing services that give you the best value for every resource you spend from the beginning till the end of the project. Our technicians are material conscious, and this makes us take care of all materials, even to the least one.

If you’re ready to install a built-up roof on your building or replace an existing one, you’d be doing yourself good by reaching out to us. On our part, we’ll be glad to work with you and give you the best value.

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