Commercial Roofing Materials

We are dedicated to providing fast and affordable roof repair, roof replacement, flat roofing, and skylights for all types of properties, residential, commercial, and industrial.

Is your property in need of commercial roofing material? If so, we can help! Our company is a licensed, bonded, and fully insured c-39 roofing contractor that believes in providing excellent customer service and superior workmanship.

Commercial Roofing Materials: How to Save Money

You can save money on commercial roofing materials in a variety of ways, from energy star rebates to longer manufacturer warranties. In the Toronto area, we have established excellent relationships with numerous sales representatives from a wide variety of manufacturers and would be delighted to assist you.

Material Selection for Roofing

When you work with ALL Roofing Specialists of Toronto, our team will do their utmost to provide the most suitable roofing materials within your budget. We’ll discuss two different options and provide you the project details at an initial meeting. Our experienced sales staff will answer any queries you may have and assist you in making an informed decision on the commercial roofing systems. Have complete freedom when selecting – no upsells or pushy tactics!

Roofing products types

The following commercial roofing products are installed by ALL Roofing Specialists of Toronto:

Products offered by Toronto roofing contractors

Owens Corning





Johns Manville

Materials for flat roofing for commercial roofs

Our company installs single-ply and torch-down roofing materials such as Duro-Last PVC and Certified Duro-Last Installers. Standard roofing membrane color is white, however we also offer faux tile and asphalt colors.

Membranes made of PVC

PVC membranes are made of strong, stable, and durable materials that are generally heat-welded to create a strong, long-lasting structure. PVC roofing membranes are also resistant to punctures, heat, and bacterial growth.

Membranes made of TPO

One of the most popular roofing products available is TPO, which is usually referred to as a “roll good system”. It is one of the least expensive and most popular roofing products. The roofing membrane is either mechanically attached by screws or fully adhered with glue. It is made of laminate and has a white top and gray bottom.

Commercial torch down roofing in Toronto

Torchdown systems for APPs

One of the most cost-effective, resilient, and durable roofing materials on the market, App Torch Down Systems are known for their strength, elasticity, and weatherability.

Torch Down Systems from SBS

As the most flexible and customizable low-slope commercial roofing system, SBS Torch Down Systems can be installed using hot asphalt, cold adhesive, or heat welding.

Commercial tile roofing materials Toronto

Clay tiles offer a selection of vibrant roofing-rated colors to choose from and are highly durable compared to any other product available on the market today. Made from 59% recycled raw materials, clay tiles are environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable – truly sustainable roofing material solutions!

Concrete Tile offers many energy-saving cool roof colors while also helping remove smog, stop mold growth and inhibit algae blooms. Furthermore, this affordable option requires little upkeep.

Owens Corning Contractor for Shingle Roofing Materials

Shingles from ALL Roofing Specialists of Toronto are an apt choice for HOA’s, motels, apartment complexes, and smaller commercial properties. A great deal of colors and designs provide the possibility to customize each structure’s feel. As an Owens Corning Contractor in Toronto, we offer the Total Protection Roofing System to ensure your roof components can collaborate to enhance its performance and durability.

Tropical Roofing, Apoc, and Johns Manville commercial roof coatings

A commercial roof coating extends the lifespan and warranty of your roof. It usually costs about half as much as a complete roof replacement, so it’s well worth it. Our roof coatings are Title 24-compliant offering reflective cool roofing that saves energy and saves the environment.

Cool Roofing: Don’t Forget to Ask Us!

We offer a wide range of cool roofing options, from clay and concrete tiles to asphalt shingles.

Property management companies, homeowners associations, commercial property owners, and building managers frequently use ALL Roofing Specialists of Toronto to select the correct roofing materials for their buildings in Toronto County. In addition to these great roofing materials, we offer expert roofing installation, knowledgeable commercial repairs and a variety of maintenance programs. Contact us today for a no-obligation, free consultation!