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Old siding can leave your home looking drab and prone to damage from different weather conditions. If your property doesn’t have a siding yet, it’s really advisable to consider installing one. While there are many siding materials, it’s not uncommon to see some property owners who are unsure about what they need. If you’re on the lookout for a durable siding material that offers your home attractive protection, Hardie board siding in Toronto might be all you need. This is where All Roofing Toronto comes in as one of the best Hardie board siding installers in Toronto. A quality siding on the exterior of your home will have a significant effect on its longevity and appearance. Siding matters, from the aesthetic to the quality of the exterior of your home. Exterior siding provides the personality and color of your house and offers protection from the weather as well. It is understandable to be irritated with inexpensive siding materials that fade or start looking shabby and letting moisture goes into your home.


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Hardie siding is a kind of fiber cement siding consisting of cement, sand, water, and cellulose fibers. Hardie Board fiber cement siding is thicker and more durable compared with other siding fabrics such as vinyl. Unlike many different kinds of siding, it’s also fire and pest resistant.

Contractors and old homeowners recognize the Hardie board for its toughness. It comes in all manner of colors and patterns, mimics the look of wood grain effectively, is highly durable, and has a great warranty. We understand the importance of installing Hardie board siding on the exterior of your building, and that’s why our expert installers use the best-performing Hardie board available to deliver the highest quality siding.

Why You Need Hardie Board Siding Installation in Toronto

In the industry, Hardie board siding seems to be a growing theme lately. In fact, many homeowners opt for this whenever they want a new siding installation or a quick replacement. The reasons for this are glaring and not far-fetched. Every property owner wants something that will improve the aesthetics, value, and perhaps, their homes’ functionalities. 

  • Longer life: A 50-year limited transferable warranty comes with most Hardie board sidings. This siding is immune to rot and insects and can also withstand ocean saltwater.
  • Appearance: Hardie board siding, like wood lap boards, cedar shingles, and wood shake siding, can be made to imitate just about any other siding material. Options for color are practically infinite. A 15-year warranty on the finish follows these colors.
  • Fire Resistance: 90 percent of sand and cement makes up the composition of hardy board siding, which gives it a fire-resistant characteristic. 

For example, if two fire trucks parked 60 feet apart were torched by a Toronto house fire, a home 50 feet away will remain unscathed with the Hardie board siding.

Let’s Give Your Building an Appealing Exterior

Imagine opening your gate to see your exterior looking so appealing. That would be one of the best feelings as a homeowner. For commercial property owners, nothing beats visiting your plaza, mall, or office building to see the exterior looking very catchy. It feels great having people want to rent your building because it stands out from the rest. If you’re yet to experience this feeling, then you might want to opt for a Hardie board siding installation in Toronto. All Roofing Toronto is a brand you can trust when it comes to installing aesthetic Hardie boards that last a long time.

At All Roofing Toronto, our siding installers are committed to giving your building the best exterior look that is appealing to the eye and mind. We house expert technicians, fabricators, and installers who go any length to deliver professional Hardie installations that redefines your building’s exterior. Whether commercial or residential, if your building is in need of a new Hardie bard installation in Toronto, you don’t have to hesitate to reach out to us. We know you want the best, and that’s what we offer.

Enjoy the Protective and Resistive Power of Hardie Boards

Virtually everyone knows sidings protect the exterior of any building from different weather conditions. But there is more to that. Hardie board, as a siding material, boasts of true resistance to fire and insects. Whether you need to replace old sidings completely, install a new one, or simply looking to upgrade to something more durable and stronger, then you can count on our Hardie board siding installers in Toronto.

The protective and resistive powers of the Hardie board are topnotch. So, when you hire an expert to install your Hardie board, you’re sure to protect the exterior of your home from insects and harsh weather conditions.

While it’s true that anyone who invests in their property values it, not everyone is ready to maintain certain installations frequently. We understand this and suggest you opt for Hardie board siding if you require a low-maintenance installation. 

Hardie Board Installers You Can Trust

All Roofing Toronto is a preferred installer of Hardie board in the Toronto area. When you talk about contractors with a wealth of experience in the siding industry, we’re proud to say we top the list, and our customers trust our quality and customizable services. We know that our years of experience in the industry, matched with our great emphasis on customer satisfaction, make a good fight for your Hardie board siding installation in Toronto.

Our experts know you could have the best quality siding materials on the ground, but if you fail to hire an expert, you’ll lose your materials’ value, and the aim will be defeated. We detest that and are always ready to work with you for amazing results.

Whenever you’re ready to improve the exterior of your building and prevent weather and insect damages on the exterior of your building, we’re available to install quality Hardie board sidings for you. Our services are topnotch, and no one can beat them.

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