Metal Roof Installation

Metal Roof Installation

Metal roof installation in Toronto is one trend any roofing contractor has noticed. Once upon a time, metals used to be hated as a roofing system. The sheets got rusted fast. It was easily affected by weather and had a very short lifespan. Today, the story is different. Metal sheets are no longer the worst types of roofing material. Building technologies are making metals an excellent option for roofing. You will notice this in the increasing number of homeowners who choose this roofing system. Some of the questions we receive as metal roof installers in Toronto are: how are metal roofs? Are they expensive? Are metals too heavy? Will they last long? Will the roofing sheets heat up inside my home? And on and on.


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Metal Roof Installation Design and Sales and Service

Most of those questions arise because most people have used metal roofs in the past — so their experience is not from present metal roofing sheets.

If you are worried about metal sheets heating your home, you don’t need to worry for even a second. Metal roofs are installed with insulation and can reflect more heat than even asphalt roofs. Previous calculations and predictions show metal roofs can save you from expense on energy cost by up to 40%. 

Fear of rust is another ubiquitous question we get. The present technology used in the manufacture of metal roofs gives it an admirable shine and luster for most of its 70 years lifespan. Previously, this would be a significant concern, but not anymore.

If weight is the reason you fear metal roofs, you might be surprised that metal roof buildings of the same size weigh nearly half times the weight of other roofing systems like Asphalt. 

Our metal roofers in Toronto understand what you need and deliver an excellent service when you give us a call. We will work on your roofing estimates, do inspections, and make sure you get the best metal roof installation in Toronto.

Types of Metal Roofing Installations in Toronto

Shake Metal Roofing Profile

Shake metal roof profile was designed to look almost like a cedar shake. 

However, the extra benefits are, you get to select a color you prefer. It never fades, and most notably, it will last for at least 20 years longer than a typical cedar shake roof, which has a life span of around thirty years. 

These days, due to the durability it provides, metal profile cedar shake has become more and more common while retaining a shake roof’s distinctive look. 

These metal shakes will not rot, are not vulnerable to insect infestations or rodents, and are unbelievably easy to take care of without the disadvantages, giving you all the benefits of cedar shakes.

Slate Metal Profile

The popularity of slate began in Europe, where slate was abundant and simple to mine. 

When immigrants migrated to North American countries, roofing became popular since there was a massive deposit of slates in the region. The slate metal roofing system is still prevalent across different North American areas.  

With conventional slate roofs, the only problem is, they are thick and significantly more difficult for roofers to handle. The slate roof installation procedure is so specific that a slate roof expert is usually needed, which can cost quite a bit.

However, our expert metal roof installers in Toronto will work on your slate metal roof installation and deliver the best roof installation service.

Copper Metal Roofs

Although it is beautiful to behold, long-lasting, and an effective roofing system, complete copper roofing installations are rare. 

That is because installing copper roofs on a roof is quite expensive. The number of requests our metal roof installers in Toronto get for copper roof installations pales compared to other roof choices. An excellent copper roof installation is a beautiful piece of roofing architecture.

Stainless Steel Roof 

This shiny roofing option is exceptionally durable and can add quite a bit of stylistic flair to any home that’s likely to last for decades. While many prefer the traditional, shimmering look of stainless steel, manufacturers of metal roofing are beginning to offer the roofing sheets in various colors and coatings, some of which reduce the shine for a more subtle look that is still distinct.

Standing Roof Seams

While it is one of the more popular types of metal roofing, it provides property owners with a wide range of options and a great deal of value for the initial cost. 

The roof type can last for more than 50 years, exceeding most roofing most roof types by decades. Standing roof seams are also available in a wide variety of colors.

Hopefully, you find this roofing article helpful. If you ever have more questions regarding your roof or need help installing a new roof on your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 

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At All Roofing Toronto, we house only reliable metal roof experts who have mastered the art of installing durable and quality metal roofs.

With years of individual and combined experience as a metal roof company in Toronto, we have both the skill and expertise that make us an irresistible roofing brand in all of Toronto. Having done this for a pretty while now, there is virtually no job or project that seems too new to us. We employ certified expertise and hands-on efficiency to every metal roof installation project that gets into our portfolio. We consider every detail – observe every process, and maintain a high emphasis on customer satisfaction when delivering our projects.

Quality and Affordable Metal Roofing Installation

If you’re in Toronto and are ready to install a metal roof on your building, then we got you covered with affordable and quality solutions. Here at All Roofing, we strive to deliver the best quality services at prices that don’t dig a hole in our customers’ pockets. 

We don’t compromise on our promise of quality even while we make our services affordable. When next you need a metal roof repair expert in Toronto, call on us, and we’d be glad to work with you.

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