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Looking for a roofing solution that meets your building specifications is necessary if you want to enjoy your roofing installation. One type of roofing that has become popular is the metal roof. Any metal roofing company in Toronto or nearly anywhere in the world will tell you metal roofs have a beautifully lustrous look, are energy efficient, and are environmentally friendly. All Roofing Toronto is a metal roofing company in Toronto with a proven track record of delivering excellent metal roofing solutions. Our metal roofing experts pour in their time and hearts to ensure you get the best metal roofs whenever they work with you.


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We deliver excellent roofs that can only be products of experience and expertise, treating each installation line as if we were working on personal property.

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Dependable Metal Roofing in Toronto

Although metal roofs are an excellent choice of roofing options, there are myths surrounding the roofing type.

Some claim metal roofs attract lightning, which will lead to electric damages and even fire. The truth is, your metal roof does not “attract” lightning.

It is only a conductor of electricity (which you can find in lightning). And if your metal roof ever gets hit by lightning, the electric charges disperse across the roof structure. More so, metal does not readily burn. It is not combustible, so you shouldn’t worry about getting a fire outbreak that originates from your roof due to lightning.

Other particularly inappropriate beliefs like metal roofs being prone to dents from hails more than other roofing systems are also out of place. Or that they produce loud sounds when it rains, and so on. The only time this happens is when there is a weak insulation mechanism behind your roof structure.

A properly installed metal roof delivers an excellent roofing system anyone would want to have.

When you use a metal roofing company with a proven track record in Toronto like All Roofing Toronto, what you get is a sound roof system, resistant to fire, energy-efficient, and entirely reliable for delivering excellent coverage for your home.

Here are the metal roofing services we offer:

See Why Most Property Owners Choose Metal Roofs

An increasing trend for homeowners across Toronto is metal roofing. You may be curious what the deal is if you’ve been heading around seeing a lot of shiny clean metal roofs on your neighborhood outbuildings.

If you’re designing a new home and have not yet determined what roof is ideal for your style, or it’s time for a new roof replacement before you make a decision, you want to consider all your choices; we’re here to bring you a breakdown on all things metal roof.

Excellent Look

Metal roofing wasn’t always right.

It will always smear or rust, making it look cluttered and outdated for a relatively new house.

Presently, metal roofs have become available in a wide range of colors, following significant advancements in architecture and building technologies, and can also be built to mimic the look of conventional asphalt or ceramic shingles. Best of all, due to modern, durable metal coatings, they do not rust or smear overtime anymore.

Environmentally Efficient

The homeowners of today are mindful of the climate. Metal roofs are usually constructed from various metals, mostly recycled, and often recyclable, such as copper, titanium, stainless steel, and tin. Deciding on a metal roof for your roofing system includes choosing an environmentally-friendly, recyclable roof.

Excellent Roofing System even in Winter

Metal roofs are slippery. This causes precipitation to slip right off rather than build-up, mainly snow. That is a big issue for homes here in Toronto, especially during the winter snowfall season in November. With metal roofs, you shouldn’t have to worry at all about ice jams or heavy snow piling up and adding more weight to the construction of your house when snow will fall right off your Toronto metal roof.

Another benefit you get from using a metal roof is longevity. A high-quality metal roof will last up to 70 years with proper installation. There is no need to worry about excessive maintenance. All you need to do is apply recoat periodically to keep your roof protected from UV rays. You can also easily use metal roofing in Toronto if you want a roofing system installed over an existing roof.

The one thing you’d have to worry about when deciding on metal roofing in Toronto is the cost. The materials used are of very high quality than cheaper options like asphalt. Lifespan and energy savings from a metal installed roof also adds up to this price. So, you might want to check your budget if you have to opt for metal roofing in Toronto.

As an expert metal roofing company in Toronto, we understand your roofing must be correctly done for the best results. Our roofing professionals are the best in Toronto and deliver top-notch services.

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With years of experience as a metal roof replacement and metal roof repair company in Toronto, we have both skill and expertise that makes us an irresistible roofing brand in all of Toronto.

We bring certified expertise and hands-on efficiency to every metal roof replacement project that gets into our portfolio. We understand how the nuts and bolts of suitable metal roofs are fastened together. We consider every detail – observe every process, and maintain a customer-first approach when delivering our services.

All Roofing Toronto understands you need to protect your family with a good roof – and be sure your roof will stand. That’s why we select the best industry-standard materials and use metal sheets from leading brands when handling the installation of your roofing system. We prioritize quality and put your satisfaction at the top of the list. So, when we work with you, our experts try to give you the best value for your resources.

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