Flat Roofing Modified Bitumen Roof System

Flat Roofing Modified Bitumen Roof System

As expert roofers in Toronto, we can tell you one of Toronto’s most installed roofing systems is the Modified Bitumen roofing system. All Roofing Toronto employs specialized and well-trained labor to ensure you get the best Modified Bitumen roof above the top of your head. We handle your projects within industry standards and put our best foot forward to ensure you get the best Modified Bitumen roof to hang on any roof structure.


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Modified Bitumen Roof System Service and Repairs

We realize that the need for this type of roof can be for a residential or even a commercial building. Whatever the case may be, our team knows you need an expert. Of course, every contractor can cut sheets and hit their hammer against nails. But an excellent service delivery goes beyond that to give you the best results.

Modified Bitumen Installers with a Proven Track Record

Property owners in Toronto trust All Roofing Toronto to deliver excellent services when it comes to installing and fixing modified bitumen roofs. For many years, we’ve proven continuously that we top the list by providing homeowners with the best solutions, and we’re proud to have maintained a track record of excellence and quality.

Although delivering an excellent modified bitumen roof for you in Toronto is our priority, we also want to make sure you have the best knowledge about modified bitumen roofing. This will enlighten you on what you’re getting.

Modified bitumen mixes hot asphalt with plastic and rubber additives, not confused with related products like asphalt roll roofing, EPDM, or TPO. Then they are layered between polyester or fiberglass sheets.

Due to its superior tear resistance, this option is usually used on commercial roofs in Seattle. That is due to the reinforcement layers of the fiberglass and polyester. Due to its waterproofing feature, it is also popular. If you’re expecting greater than regular foot traffic on your roof, changed bitumen is the top option.

The word “rubber roof” is interchangeably used with both roofing forms, despite its similarity to EPDM. They are entirely different. Although EPDM is manufactured from recycled rubber tires, asphalt is modified bitumen, and polymer blends are modified. With the strengthening layers, it is then assembled.     

Modified bitumen is described as a single-ply roofing membrane similar to TPO and PVC roofs in the Toronto area. The roofing membrane comes in a blend of two forms. 

  1. Styrene-butadiene-styrene (SBS) offers the rubber-like properties of asphalt and delivers a flexible membrane even at cold temperatures. It may either be coated together with hot asphalt or applied separately using cold adhesive.
  1. Compared with SBS, Atactic Polypropylene (APP) is more resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Generally, it is applied by heat welding.

Every well-installed Modified Bitumen membrane has the following: 

  1. Membrane: the majority of roofing on flat roofs is shaped by a membrane. This is where bitumen and strengthening compounds are layered to have a strong roofing membrane. The more layers there are, the longer the length of life will be.
  2. Flashing: flashing refers to a process that produces a seal in the membrane’s body around the joints and intersecting edges; this includes the edges of the tubing, vents, and roof.
  1. Seal: every sealed overlap between two waterproof materials refers to seals. It could be any membrane and blinking mix. Cold adhesives, hot-welding, or self-adhesion may help make seals, depending on the polymer mix.

Roof defects in seals and flashing are known to occur, so the construction takes careful precautions to ensure these sections’ continuous sealing.

Why You Need Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems

All Roofing Toronto always completes a project by presenting more advantageous roofing installments to its clients. Say we visit your home for a roof installation; we complete the construction by leaving you with a better preparedness against the noise and hits of extreme weather conditions.

Modified bitumen roofing has an estimated life cycle of 20 years and is a long-lasting material. But because it’s a low-maintenance roofing membrane, requiring only minimal care and maintenance, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make it last much longer. 

This roofing system is also one of the best commercial roofing systems and, due to its polymer adaptation; it can survive both low and high temperatures.

Modified bitumen is also flexible, and to improve its physical and elemental toughness; you can add more polymer material sheets. Consequently, roof replacements are smoother since they usually only require applying another coating to the bitumen roofing.

Modified bitumen has:

  • Proven Results as an excellent roofing system
  • Characteristics of superior waterproofing
  • A wide selection of methods of installation
  • A broad range of top-surfacing choices, including “Cool Roofing.”
  • Tough, with a high tensile-strength
  • Accessible as part of a roofing system rated for fire, wind, and hail resistance
  • Long lifespan for well-installed roofs
  • Comes with flame-free and VOC-free installations
  • For several Modified Bitumen Membranes, long-term guarantees and warranty are available.

Our Hassle-free Work Process

We’re not one of those contractors that jump on a project and deliver without due process. We know how well you value your structure and the need for an excellent bitumen roof over it.

  • We take our time to dispatch qualified technicians and experts who can estimate your project to assess your needs.
  • Next, we find a cost-effective solution that will suit your budget and improve the longevity of your roofing system.
  • We provide a detailed work scope that explains the exact works to be performed.
  • Our experts explain to you the works we’ll do and how vital these works are to the success of your roofing project.
  • Core execution of the project by our experts who work in line with the mapped out plans and deliver excellently.

Our brand provides customer value by offering solutions that give sustained results. Depending on your project’s complexity, we can finish it within a few days, and you’ll love it.

We’re ready to work with you and provide you with the best solutions.

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