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Roofs are an inevitable part of any building. As a property owner, you don’t just need a roof; you need a quality one that is installed expertly. At All Roofing, we house expert Toronto roofing contractors who will meet your roofing needs with the speed of light, and at friendly prices.


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We understand no one likes a roof that leaks, doesn’t last, and fails due to weather conditions. You are likely at a spot where you’ve experienced what a bad roof feels like and need an upgrade. You want the extra peace of mind that comes from knowing your roofing system will do its job while you do yours.

You see, roofing systems are of various kinds and types, with specifications that may get confusing if you don’t know what to check.

Our expert Toronto roofers work with different roof types on every project, and will interest you in a detailed conversation about how each roof has it sub class, and why much care is needed for excellent installations.

That is why we are here to lend a helping hand to your project. At All Roofing Toronto, we have decades of experience as a roofing company in Toronto, and can maintain, repair, and install different roof types for you — just as we’ve done for our numerous clients.

If you are interested in finding out what you have as options for your roofing project, and what we offer to our clients, you are in the right page.

We will show you what we do and give you extra information to inform your roofing choice.

Expert Roofing Installations in Toronto Roofing and types

All Roofing installs different kinds of roofs for homes across Toronto. Chances are when you see a building across the street with (maybe a) shingle roof, it is the physical replication of our contract with a client.

However, one crucial thing you must consider when selecting your roof may not be its style but its materials.

Roofing materials can affect how rigid your roofing system is against extreme weather conditions; how resistant it to climatic changes, and how water-resistant for waterproofing.

As a trusted roofing contractor in Toronto, we’ve worked with various homeowners who needed a roof repair or a complete installation of roof membranes; and can tell you about each roof type and what you stand to gain from every one of them.

Some of the roofing types we install are as follows. We give detailed explanations on each roof type, so you can easily understand if it is what you want.

Shingle Roof Installers In Toronto Since 2005

For more than 100 years, roofing contractors have used shingles for roofing. With time, manufacturers made changes to the component used in the manufacture of this material to be fire-resistant.

Presently, shingle roofs contain fiberglass and different materials, all coated in asphalt.

When you are looking to buy asphalt shingles, you will notice some (of the shingles) are coated on one side only, while others have a “double coating.”

These shingles are popular because they are less costly compared to other roof options and are also durable.

Shingle roofs also come with a waterproofing feature that makes them resistant to water. They are easy to install for a quick upgrade. And can last for up to 30 years.

Asphalt shingles have a low resistance to heavy winds in high wind areas. And can get damaged in regions with severe thunderstorms and hails. Weight is also another thing to consider when installing asphalt shingles on larger roofing areas.

Shingle Roof Installation – Our experts have mastered all it takes to install shingle roofs on any building. If you truly value your property, then you have to hire an expert to make it happen.

Shingle Roof Replacement We understand that roofs don’t last forever. If you ever feel the need to replace an existing shingle roof, our experts will be glad to make your dream come alive.

Slate Roofing Installation & Replacement Service

You may call this material the grand-dad of modern roofing options. Slate shingles have been used as a roofing option since the 1700s and are appreciated for their beauty.

These roofing materials deliver a classy and modern look with superior fire resistance, durability, and lifespan of more than 90 years. Slate roofs also have the advantage of being economical, making them available for most homeowners at fair prices. The roofing option comes in a variety of styles and colors.

One significant advantage of the slate roofing material is its strong resistance to weather disasters. Heavy rain, high winds, and hails of up to the size of a softball will cause little to no damage to a slate roof.

Slate Roof Installation – This could be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your structure. Our slate roofers are always ready to deliver even beyond your expectations anytime you need a new slate roof installed.

Slate Roof Replacement Is your slate roof worn out beyond repair? Then it’s time to install a new one. Don’t just let any contractor handle this – All Roofing Toronto has all it takes.

Metal Roofing Installation & Repair

Metal roofs are used both in industrial and residential settings. Metal roofs require low maintenance and come in various designs and styles; they are lightweight and environmentally friendly.

The roofing shingles are made from alloys of copper steel and zinc.

The only problem you should be worried about is proper installation, which requires long experience, especially when working with large sheets. This is where we come in with our expertise in metal roof installation. Our professionals have mastered the art of installing new metal roofs as well as metal roof replacements.

Flat Roofing | Flat Roofs | Roof Repair & Installation

All Roofing Toronto are experts at installing, repairing, and maintaining flat roofs.

Compared to other roofing options, flat roofs are relatively cheap and provide most of the roofing advantages you will need in a roof. You will notice commercial buildings are adopting flat roofs as a standard of installation.

One drawback of flat roofs is their need for maintenance; thus, the typical use case is in residential areas. Factors like rain, snow, hail, and temperature are factors you must consider before choosing any flat roof type.

Our experts are masters when it comes to:

Whether you’re looking for a quick fix, installation or replacement, we got you covered.

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The excellence of our services at All Roofing Toronto is simply a combination of knowledge, skill, passion, and experience.

We deliver top-notch roofing solutions by first understanding your building project’s specifics through prior inspection and get on all fours to ensure you have the best roofing system installed for you.

If you need advice on the most efficient roofing system that considers your roofing type and the specifics of your building, please reach out to us.

Our expert roofing team will help you make the right decision and give you free consultations on what is suitable for your home.

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All Roofing Toronto has the most experienced shingle roof installers in Toronto. Our roofing installations have proven to last long and showed any serious homeowner could rely upon them.

We understand you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from whatever the weather may throw in your way. We know you want a reliable roofing system, and that is what we will deliver. We will ensure you have the best roof there is to meet all your roofing needs.

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