Shingle Roofing Company

Shingle Roofing Company

Searching for reliable shingle roofing in Toronto might not be an effortless task. It’s not uncommon to see homeowners who had one or more bad experiences when they tried to replace or install a new roof. We’re your best bet for a reliable, dependable, and long-lasting roof installation. We understand — like every other person — that quality roofs are essential, and renewing them protects not just your building but you and your loved ones too. Our roof service in Toronto delivers high-quality roofing installations that meet your expectations to the letter. Let us explore the world of our roof installation service and see what we have up our sleeves to deliver to you!


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When it comes to roofing, the material used is very important to determine the longevity and quality of your roofs.

One of the more popular roofing options is the asphalt roofing, which comes at an affordable price, is readily available, and has multiple color selections.

One reason we recommend this roofing system to most of our clients is because of its intrinsic features. It combines everything most homeowners need in a modern room – fire-resistant, waterproof, and budget-friendly when compared to other roof choices. 

The modern aesthetic look of asphalt roofs gives them another appeal among homeowners. Contractors also fancy the roofing because it is easily installable, requiring fewer labor costs.

Our professionals at All Roofing Toronto will work with you to inspect your roofing structure (if you have a precious roof installed) or do checks on the roof framework before giving you a well-calculated estimate. 

 If you choose to go with Asphalt shingle roofs, let’s interest you in more information about the roofing type: 

Asphalt Shingles are available in different types and usually fall under categories: the first is the three-tab style shingle, while the other is the architectural shingle.

  • The Three Tab Asphalt Shingle 

You may think of this as combining three products to become a single high-quality material. The three-tab shingle delivers an easy to install, popular, and economical shingle type.

  • Architectural shingles 

Architectural shingles have a bulky look and feel, as though it is made from wood and slate. It has an additional later, which increases its resistance to extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

The more recent architectural shingles design has a sunlight reflective quality, allowing reflection of the majority of sun rays that would otherwise enter into your building, reducing operating cooling systems costs.

How Long Does a Shingle Roof Last?

Shingles can last up to 30 years. Like most roofing systems, the lifespan of shingle roofs is affected by many factors, such as weather, installation quality, roof pitch, and material quality.

Another essential agent that impacts the lifespan of shingle is the environment where it is installed. The more a shingle roof is exposed to elements that can impact its lifespan, the more likely it will have a lesser lifespan. Ice dams, spiking temperatures, and algae negatively affect the lifespan of roofs.

Hopefully, we’ve not ended up talking about just what we can do for you as a roof installation company. We believe you have also learned more about the different types of shingle roofs available to you and can make a more informed choice.

 If you ever have more questions regarding your shingle roof or need help installing a new shingle roof on your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Shingle Roof Installation for Commercial and Residential Buildings

At All Roofing Toronto, we know what you need whenever you’re out looking for shingle roofing in Toronto. No one would cheerfully want to spend their resources on poor installation services. You could have the best shingle materials on the ground, but a poor choice of installers can make the entire project a wrong one.

All Roofing houses experts who will get on your building and install a shingle roof that is worth your investment.

Shingle Roof Replacement Shouldn’t Make You Fret

Ask many homeowners; they worry a lot when it’s time to replace their shingle roofs. The reason isn’t far-fetched. While some are scared, they might not get an installation that will outlast the previous one; others want to swiftly do their jobs. Whatever is your worry, you rest assured that you’ll get the best replacement with our services.

Even if you’re not sure if your roof needs an entire replacement, we’ll work with you and let you know what works best for you.

Our Shingle Roofing in Toronto is Second-to-none

When you ask homeowners in Toronto, they will tell you that their roofs are one of the most significant investments in their building. Owing to this fact, no one would like to have an amateur contractor handle their roofing in Toronto. We’re a dependable brand that property owners in Toronto count on for the best roofing solutions. We offer a couple of roofing services tailored to meet each client’s budget and needs. The result is always amazing.

Our shingle roofing services in Toronto entails;

If you have a just-completed structure and would like to have a quality roofing system over it, we’re your best bet. Our experts can help you select the best and durable shingle roofing materials that will serve great purposes.

Whether you desire to have a partial or complete replacement of your current shingle roofing system, our professionals will make it happen for you. We’ll take our time to analyze your existing roofing system to know if you need a total replacement. When we reach an agreement, our experts will get to the site and deliver the best shingle roof installation or replacement service you can get in Toronto.

All Roofing Toronto is a brand name synonymous with quality and expertise. Working with us automatically assures that you’ll get the best quality and expert services. If you decide to install a new roofing system or replace a worn-out system, we’re ready to make your dream come alive.

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All Roofing Toronto has the most experienced shingle roof installers in Toronto. Our roofing installations have proven to last long and showed any serious homeowner could rely upon them.

We understand you want to protect yourself and your loved ones from whatever the weather may throw in your way. We know you want a reliable roofing system, and that is what we will deliver. We will ensure you have the best roof there is to meet all your roofing needs.

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