Single-ply Roof Membrane

Single-ply Roof Membrane

What if you want to provide an extra protective membrane over your roof? Do you install another BUR over an already existing BUR? Or do you try a Single-Layer? At All Roofing Toronto, we install high-quality Single-Layer membrane roofs that install correctly and maximize the roofing system’s benefits. Our experts are trained and certified to install Single-Layer roofs without causing you extra costs or expenses. Our service is fast, and the results are visible between hours to days.


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Single-ply Roof Membrane

What you should know About Our Single-layer Membrane Roof

As expert roofers and contractors, one of the most common flat roofing materials we use is Single-Layer roof membranes, suitable for lightweight, cost-effective rapid-track building projects. 

Single-Layer roofs have fewer seams compared to most roll roofing systems. Contractors are not exposed to harmful or dangerous torches during installation. Single ply roofing membranes also come with predesigned detailing accessories, which take a lot of trouble out of installation.

Generally, single ply membranes are one of the most installed roofing systems in Toronto.

From large-scale commercial ventures such as airports and warehouses to private house rooftops, they work well on a range of projects with roofs of all shapes and sizes, including bare roofs, green roofs, ballast roofs, cool roofs, and others.

Single-Layer membranes are a standard option because of the following:

  • Sustainable
  • Immune to fire and retardant to fire
  • Immune to Contaminants
  • UV and natural immune elements, such as dangerous micro-organisms
  • Environment-friendly

Among all the types of single-ply membrane types, the most popularly used are TPO and PVC roofing. TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) deliver excellent roof qualities and relatively low prices compared to other roofing systems. 

In fact, one of the questions we’ve ever gotten as a Single-Layer installer is which one of the ply membranes is better? TPO or PVC.

If you plan on installing any of these roofs, a comparative view between the two types will come in handy. You will see a clear picture of the features of each one, making your decision easier. 


Polyvinyl Roofing Membrane

  • Proven technologies and use cases
  • Component availability with high fire ratings / extended fire tolerance for exposed roofing applications
  • Quick to fix
  • Possibility of tailored solutions for architecture (colors, profiles, and roof graphics)
  • Homogeneous joints welded by hot air.
  • Simple on-site handling
  • Reasonable for use and exposure under varying climate conditions
  • Quick, weather-independent installation
  • Effective permeability for water vapor
  • Mobile and highly Flexibility
  • It is Recyclable. An exciting feature if you prefer environmentally friendly roofs.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin

  • Strong resistance to chemicals
  • Suitability for direct use on substrates such as old bitumen, insulation EPS, and XPS (polystyrenes)
  • Component availability with high fire ratings / extended fire tolerance for exposed roofing applications
  • Free from plasticizer (no leakage or leaching)
  • Long Life Span 
  • Fast and easy to fix
  • Simple on-site handling
  • Good for use under varying climate conditions
  • Quick, weather-independent installation
  • Excellent ecological profile
  • Flame free installments
  • Recyclable
  • Used for nearly 50 years

Other types of single-ply membrane are EPDM, TPE (Thermoplastic Polyolefin Elastomer), PIB (Polyiso Butylene). 

How We Install Single Ply Membrane

Single-Layer membranes may be installed using:

  • Ballasted Method
  • Mechanical Fastening Methods
  • Fully Adhered Roofing Methods

Mostly, the installation method used depends on the building and the specifics of the roofing project. In some cases, a ballasted roof would give the best results, significantly when more weight does not affect the building. 

However, in some cases where a roof has a 1/6” sloping, it is not the most effective method. 

For a steel roof or even a metal roof, an ideal type of installation would be mechanically fastened Single-Layer membrane roofing. Mechanically fastened membranes are usable on all kinds of roof slopes and are preferable in most cases. 

A fully adhered roofing needs the membrane to be attached using a solvent-based or a water-based adhesive. The finished surface is usually smooth and can be used with other colored membranes to improve the roofing system’s look. 

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All Roofing Toronto is reliable brand homeowners often choose for nearly everything roofing. We’re the choicest brand for we are a reliable and trusted single ply roof replacement, repair, and installation contractor in Toronto.

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Single-Layer roof replacement, installation, or repair isn’t just a walk in the park. In fact, not every roofer knows what it takes to install or repair Single-Layer roofs. We’re glad to be among the few that have mastered the installation and repair of such roofs. Now, we deliver like it’s nothing because our expertise is on a higher level. 

At All Roofing, we’re passionate about roofing. A high level of passion blended with years of experience makes us deliver top-notch services anywhere in Toronto. As long as it’s all about Single-Layer roofing in Toronto, our brand has got you covered. We’ll work on your project like we own it.

We take our time to analyze every project that comes to our desk to understand the core needs of the client and how they want their job to be done. In line with our experience and professionalism, we proffer better solutions if need be and draw a work plan that we follow to deliver excellent services.

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