Slate Roof Installation

Slate Roof Installation

You get to realize that not all slate roof installers in Toronto are experts when you’re in dire need of a professional. Generally, this is typical. A slate roof requires carefulness and experience for that appealing finish to surface after installation. Slate is a classic and appealing roof material that adds elegance to your home while coating it with uniqueness. It is not a very common type of roofing system, even with its numerous benefits. That is primarily because the slate has a cost/expense that most homeowners find too high on the costs scale. Slate roofs can be one of the many things you want your building to have. The reason a handful of homeowners choose this material is even more than its longevity and visual appeal.


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Slate Roof Installation Services

Characteristics like fire resistance, and water tightness, make it an excellent option for any building owner looking for a long-lasting roofing system. 

Slate roof installers consider the following when planning an installation project:

  • The orientation of slate tiles
  • Matching replacement with existing slates
  • Method of slate tiles installation; and
  • Damage check

Some contractors are specialists in this roofing material, focusing only on slate installation in their offering. However, you will find more numerous contractors working on roofing projects while providing slate roofing services. 

As an experienced slate roof installer in Toronto, we have a team of slate and tile roofing specialists that deliver 100 percent excellence in installing slate materials. 

Slate and tiles roof requires more experience than most other kinds of roofing systems. Thus, they need more experienced hands and knowledge of reliable installations.

Our slate and tile roofing installations include copper gutters, copper roofing, and clay-tile roofing. 

Different Types of Slates

Slate roofs often come in two kinds: 

  • Hard slate 
  • Soft slate

Hard Slate varieties can last between 75 and 200 years and usually have a thick black color. In contrast, soft slates have a lifespan that goes up to 125 years. 

When using slates, you will also notice they come in different thicknesses, with the standard being about 3/16″ – 5/16.” Most slate roof installers require thicker styles since they are known to last long. 

More slate sizes include: 1/2″ – 3/4″ or even 1″. The thicker slate tiles are more expensive than, the less thick membranes. 

Another variation among slates is their colors. Slate tiles are graded into unfading and weathering color categories. 

For unfading colors, the colors remain the same for as long as they are used in roofing. They have no added pigments or color fillers and do not fade with weathering. 

The unfading (or permanent) slate can cost up to 25% more than the weathering slate.

Weathering Slates have shades that may change to brown, rust, or grey on the exposed surface. The original colors may still be determined when you look into broken spaces in the slate tile. 

Among the slate color types, the unfading red slate is the most costly color variation for slate tiles available. It is a limited kind of slate and has a manufacturing process that results in its high price. It is also one of the most long-lasting color variations for slates.

If you need a roofing solution that will stand the test of time and still give your building an exceptionally appealing look, a slate roof is a solution you can try. 

What are the costs for Slate Roof Installation?

As a slate roof installation Toronto-based company, we advise before you engage in a slate roofing project that you set aside at least $16 per sq. ft of slate installation your contractor will handle. 

On average, you can expect slate roofs to cost between $11,000 and $24,000on a standard-sized single-story building. It would be best if you also accounted for labor costs since slate roofs require specialized skills most contractors may not provide (without problems). 

Reliable Slate Roof Installation In Toronto

All Roofing Toronto offers reliable and modern slate installation in the entire Toronto. Our reliable solutions are tailored to meet each homeowner’s requirements. We have all it takes to deliver expertly with a significant level of experience as a slate roof replacement and slate roof installation company.

All Roofing Toronto brings the spike that ignites the beauty of any home, be it commercial or residential property. With our quality installation process that yields amazing results, you’re sure to improve your property’s curb appeal and take your mind off such roofing issues in the coming years. 

We understand that anyone who decides to install a slate roof deserves to get something they can rely on at any time. This is exactly what we give you when you opt for our services.

At All Roofing We Provide Expert Slate Roof Installation Services

When you think of roofs, your mind probably thinks of slates immediately. The reason is clear – slates are common on homes in Toronto. But there is more to that; having a contractor that prioritizes quality is one thing you mustn’t neglect if you want to get the best of your investment. Here at All Roofing, Quality is our watchword, and we’re proud to say that all the slate roofs we installed in Toronto flaunts great quality and lasts long.

Here’s one thing we believe; our brand only thrives when we deliver quality jobs. With this in mind, every team member stays up and doing, ensuring we deliver the best quality anytime we’re called upon. No matter how large or small your building is, our experts will help to make your dream roof come alive.

We’ll put you in the picture, ensuring you understand how the progress of your work. This helps us maintain our promise of premium customer satisfaction.

All Roofing Toronto is a force to reckon with in Toronto’s roofing industry. Homeowners trust us to keep our promise of quality, and we don’t compromise on it. Whenever you’re ready to install a slate roof, kindly reach out to us to know why we’re quality-focused.

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