The man accused of keeping the deposit for a new roof and never laying a single shingle, Zachary Newberry, has now been charged with theft and misrepresentation.

Dec 11, 2022 | News & Tips

Yesterday, 35 year-old Newberry was escorted into Macon County Circuit Court by two officers from the Graham Correctional Center.

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An attempt to charge over “$13,000” for roofing work was rejected when the homeowner had no contract dispute with Newberry, Blue Mound Chief of Police Chad Lamb testified Friday.

Lamb said he’d interviewed the customer in July to get the details. “As of the date you spoke to him, Mr. Newberry had not even begun work on this part, is that right?” Rueter asked Lamb.

“Correct,” Lamb said.

Michelle Sanders questioned Lamb about whether his investigation yielded any evidence suggesting that Newberry had parked a trailer outside the residence, but the trailer had been stolen.

“And is that the reason you couldn’t finish your work?” Sanders asked. “Your trailer with all of your materials for the project, which you partially paid for with that money, was stolen?”

The police chief declared that it was Newberry’s story to the customer, but his office hadn’t received any report of such a crime. “And we don’t have a record of any trailer being stolen in our jurisdiction,” he added.

Judge Rodney Forbes found probable cause to prosecute Newberry after he had attempted to speak during court proceedings. Newberry was warned not to interrupt the judge while speaking, but he attempted to do just that twice.

Forbes rescheduled the case with a pretrial hearing on January 26. However, they told the correctional officers that the defendant won’t be required to attend the hearing when it happens.

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