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Our Vinyl siding installation company in Toronto is your #1 choice for excellent installations that last. We are fast, reliable, and have a proven track record of success in vinyl siding installation in Toronto. When you think of vinyl siding, what comes to mind is a second skin — not a living, breathing skin — that would be strange, right? Vinyl Siding delivers a protective cover for your home over paints or other forms of protective installations. When you see a vinyl siding, you will notice it’s a long strip of PVC (or poly vinyl chloride), designed to look like wood siding.


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Vinyl Siding Installation and Replacement

Vinyl Siding – An Ideal Choice for Homeowners

Vinyl siding is a cheap siding option that is commonly found on most residential buildings. It is so cheap most contractors wouldn’t mind throwing in bonuses like window caps, insulations under siding, and presenting more competitive prices.

This chic and inexpensive material is incredibly robust and requires minimal maintenance. Our highly trained and accredited contractors specialize in building different types of these vinyl sidings.

It usually comes in beige shades or other pastel colors. More recently, though, techniques to infuse vinyl siding with deeper colors are already discovered.

The bulk of siding systems are approved for up to 110 mph winds. Vinyl siding is far simpler to re-install than other forms of siding if the wind rips it off.

Like most things, colors fade. It is not expected that something done to the exterior of a house would survive for decades. In vinyl siding, though the color holds for a long time, it eventually fades. The color on your vinyl siding lasts much longer relative to conventional external house paint.

Vinyl siding suppliers have stepped up to the challenge in recent years to deliver something more than the product “plain vanilla” – a color pattern we’ve been accustomed to. 

Types with Vinyl Siding

In building different forms of vinyl siding, we have an exceptional track record in making different types of vinyl siding, including:

  • Horizontal siding that spans the width of the house side-to-side;
  • Vertical siding, which runs up and down the house vertically; and
  • Shingle or shake siding, in which the building is individually connected to smaller parts.

The variants explain how the siding is connected, and it is also possible to further break down vinyl siding into visual types. 

Clapboard siding can provide the impression of wood and is a classic style used for horizontal applications. The standard horizontal-grooved style that many equate with typical vinyl siding is called Dutch lap siding. 

Another horizontal form of the siding that brings texture to your home is beaded siding. The “board and batten” type of vertical siding can consist of alternating panels and raised strips.

Why Consider All Roofing Toronto for Vinyl Siding Services

All Roofing Toronto is one of the most dependable siding experts in Toronto. We’re proud to be one of the few brands that prioritize excellence whenever we handle any vinyl siding installation project. We already know that you want to make a significant investment to protect your building exterior, improve the appearance, and prevent insects from damaging your walls. So, we go all in to make your investment worthwhile. Here’s why most persons chose us for their vinyl siding installations in Toronto.

Our Experience is Topnotch

Not everyone knows what it takes to install vinyl sidings that last as envisaged. While it’s true that almost everyone can pick up siding panels and tack them against the wall, it requires an experienced professional to deliver something of extreme quality. This is what we do at All Roofing, and our customers can’t stop talking about it. We have a wealth of individual and combined experience when it comes to installing quality vinyl siding, and we draw on this to give you the best solutions.

Customized Solutions

At All Roofing, we detest a one-size-fits-all type of service. This is why we don’t just on projects based on assumptions and deliver. We take our time to understand the unique needs of each client. This gives us an insight into the necessary requirements and procedures to follow to deliver solutions that meet their needs and budgets. So, when you choose our service, you’re sure to get a tailored solution that works just for you.

Best Quality Materials

Having been in the industry for a pretty while, we know the materials that stand out. While there are tons of vinyl siding materials in the market, homeowners ought to know that not every one of these materials is worth investing in. Most homeowners choose our service because we can help them source the best quality materials. Our aim is to give you the best installations using quality materials.


There will be no “us” if we fail to meet your needs. Here, At All Roofing, your satisfaction is a top priority. We’re a customer-oriented brand that goes far and above to ensure our clients smile in happiness when we finish their projects. Our vinyl siding installation will leave you satisfied because we know how to install it like no other. Whenever you’re on the lookout for a team to help you install quality vinyl sidings, so you get the best value for your money, we’re your best bet.

Swift Deliveries

We love being fast when it comes to delivering our services. But the best part is this – we don’t compromise quality with swift deliveries. Our experts have mastered how to deliver quality services in a short time. We do this to avoid possible elongated inconvenience our installation process might cause you. Once it’s time to get on your site and deliver, we try to make it happen within the shortest possible time. But rest assured, you still get the best quality.

We would be glad to give your vinyl siding installation needs the same attention we give to the other services we render. You’re just a contact away from getting the best vinyl siding solution you can get in the entire Toronto. Give us a call today!

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