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Installing siding on the exterior of any building is one worthwhile investment many homeowners can’t just ignore. All over Toronto, property owners often know what they stand to lose if they fail to install siding on their building. Wood siding in Toronto is common that some homeowners don’t consider the other types of siding materials. While there are many of them, wood siding has stood the test of time and still tops the list of most used siding materials. In fact, for some homeowners, wood is the real thing, and they can’t compromise. If you ever want to invest in wood siding installation in Toronto, then we’ve got you covered.


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Why People Choose Wooding Siding in Toronto

If you live in Toronto, you must have seen one or more wood siding. It’s not uncommon, and people can’t stop opting for it. You don’t have to wonder why it’s a common choice among Toronto Property owners, as the reasons are everywhere. Wood siding is trendy owing to its natural beauty and appearance. With a good insulation value level, it can help you save a little more on your energy bills.

If you hire expert wood siding installers in Toronto, you get a siding that is easy to stain or paint. With a high level of environmental-friendliness, you’ll enjoy a more eco-friendly environment. In fact, many types of siding out there in the market try to mimic the look of real wood. This is because of its classic and timeless look that makes people feel grounded and secure. Apparently, humans respond well to wood.

Wood siding is readily available and can be installed swiftly, especially when working with an experienced wood siding installer in Toronto.

Here are some types of wood siding you might want to consider:

Charred Wood 

One of the most widely sought wood siding styles available is Shou Sugi Ban, also known as burnt wood or charred wood. The charring process requires adding an open flame to a wood plank to produce a faint char along the board’s surface without damaging it. The plank is resistant to weather, proofed by this char, which holds insects away, an essential trait for new and old houses.

The Good about Charred 

Choosing charred wood, especially Shou Sugi Ban, has many advantages. When properly maintained, you would expect the cladding to last over 80 years. An oil finish also works with the burned exterior to make it immune to mold and water.


There are almost no drawbacks here, apart from being a bit hard to pronounce. Shou Sugi Ban is robust, resistant to insects and termites, and comes in different colors and finishes to fit your home aesthetic.

  • Pine Fir

One of the most common types of wood siding available in pine fir is that it’s usually less costly and more comfortable to access than other wood species since pine fir is a softwood.

The Pros

Pine’s price point makes it a perfect choice for new homeowners looking to remodel their houses. 

Generally speaking, it is less economical to make, which means it is less expensive to purchase. It is also a perfect choice to make a wood finish on the outside of a house. It can be painted and stained quickly and sometimes results in a flawless finish.


It can be challenging to work with some varieties of pine fir. Long pieces of wood are often required to add exterior wood cladding to houses. 

There are various pine fir lengths, but the vast majority are too small to cover most walls with a single plank sufficiently. As it is a softwood, it is not resistant to the elements either. This suggests that it needs to be well-sealed and preserved to keep out moisture and avoid rot.

  • Redwood

You can choose the redwood range if you are hunting for a lovely amber-red exterior. For various indoor and outdoor applications, it is popular.

The Pros

Redwood with limited warping or cupping avoids shrinking and stands up to all elements, making it a perfect selection for any weather. It also has no pitch or resin, ensuring that less care is required for stains and finishes and retains their color longer. While charred wood is known to keep insects at bay, redwood, particularly useful in wooded areas, is naturally insect-repellent. Wood that shares its deep, textured color is often difficult to find somewhere else.


While it is widely accessible, redwood can be rugged in other places to obtain and buy. It is costlier than different wood siding varieties due to its popularity.

Other wood siding options include Ash, Cedar, Firwood, Accoya, Cypress, Engineered wood, Thermowood, Cumaru, Douglas fir, Garapa, Tatajuba, Massaranduba, and Iroko.

Customizable Wood Siding in Toronto for You

Wood siding in Toronto becomes an ideal installation when done by an expert. Here at All Roofing Toronto, we deliver customizable wood siding installation to our clients across the entire Toronto. We know that each client has a unique structure and varied requirements. This means that we can’t just jump on their project and deliver. We value our reputation and place our customer’s satisfaction as a priority, and that’s why we deliver customizable and excellent services.

We take our time to discuss your needs and budget; this will make us know how to tailor our expertise to give you exactly what you need. Right from consultation, our experts will work with you closely to ensure you’re in the full picture till we leave your space.

With all the benefits associated with wooden materials for siding, you might want to install it on the sides of your building. If you’re in Toronto, looking for a wood siding installer, we got you covered. Whether you need it on the exterior of your commercial or residential building, our professionals will make it happen for you.

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