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When Do I Need a New Roof?

As roofs age, they generally need replacement when they are between 20 and 30 years old, at least with asphalt shingles. If your neighbors start getting new roofs, then it may be time for you to do the same; their homes are probably about the same age as yours, so when they hire Toronto roofing companies, you may want to do the same.)

If you see visible signs of damage, such as:

If your roof is leaking, you may just need the leak repaired – but in more severe cases, you may need to replace the entire roof. Even a minor leak can cause major damage. Even a small leak can spiral out of control quickly, leaving you scrambling to replace your roof. Water leaks never get better with time; they only become worse, and even a small leak can cause significant damage.

Roofs that feel soft to the touch (like soggy cardboard) may leak if they are sagging. The leak and the ceiling need to be addressed – as well as any other problems with your roof materials, such as wood rot or mold growth – and you may need to replace the entire roof.

It is not uncommon for squirrels, chipmunks, birds and insects to burrow into roofing materials and cause significant damage. Small repairs are sometimes sufficient, but in other cases, your roof will need to be replaced.

You should have a professional roof inspector inspect your entire roof from end to end to determine how severe the damage is if your shingles are in bad shape.

Those shingles are made with tiny granules on top of them, and those granules help your roof shed water. They also protect your roofing materials from water intrusion. When those granules are missing, you need to replace the damaged shingles as soon as possible; sometimes, it’s too late and you’ll have to replace the whole roof.

You must replace missing or broken shingles as soon as possible, as they cannot protect your roof the way they’re designed to. You may be able to replace those shingles if no water has penetrated your roof – but if it has, you may have a bigger repair job (or replacement) to do.


How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

A new roof is a big job, and several factors determine its cost. Because every job is unique, we can only give you a ballpark figure:

You can influence the cost of your roof replacement by choosing the right materials.

Depending on the size of your roof, you’ll need varying amounts of materials and labor.

In some cases, tearing off your old roof is necessary, but not always.

To get the best idea of how much a new roof will cost you, it’s always best to speak with an expert from ALL Roofing Specialist. Our team will inspect your roof and assess any damage that is present. If repairs are possible to prolong its lifespan, you’ll be informed of this option. Repairs are often more affordable than replacement. Therefore, we ensure that our customers make the most economically sound decision. If a new roof is necessary, our team will discuss what materials you’d like to use, develop a plan, and provide you with a customized quote for the job.


Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

It’s always cost-effective to take care of your roof and make repairs as necessary, rather than replacing the entire structure. Sometimes, only a few shingles and nails are required to fix minor damage. But in cases where the damage is extensive, a total roof replacement may be the only solution. To get an accurate assessment of your roof’s condition and a custom quote for repair or replacement, contact ALL Roofing. Our experienced inspectors can inspect every inch of your home’s roof and provide you with an onsite quote.


How Do I Inspect a Roof for Damage?

From the ground or a ladder near the roof’s edge, you can visually inspect your roof for damage.

Shingles that are cracked, curled, or broken

Shingles missing

Shingles with bald spots

Granules of shingles in your gutters (or near your downspouts)

Additionally, check the attic for signs of water damage, such as mildew or mold growth, wet wood, or active leaks.


What Are Shingle Granules, and What Do They Look Like?

Grass granules are tiny balls glued to the top of shingles. They’re the same color as your roof and are only a bit larger than coarse sand.

The granules may be shiny or dull. If you see them in your gutters, near downspouts, or around your roof line, they probably came from your roof – and you should definitely consult a professional to determine the extent of the damage.


How Do I Check My Gutters for Damage?

Your gutters should be visually inspected by walking around your house for damage. You should also inspect the fascia, which is the board under your roof that faces outward. You should look for cracks, broken or rusty areas, as well as places that seem to be pulling away from your home. The paint on your fascia may be peeling or bubbling if there has been water sitting against your home due to a gutter backup.


Do You Need to Talk to an Expert About Your Roofing Questions?

If you have questions about roofing, we are always happy to answer them. ALL Roofing has decades of combined experience with roof repair and roof replacement, and we’re here to help. Call us today to schedule a free roof inspection.


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