Commercial Roofing Maintenance

We are dedicated to providing fast and affordable roof repair, roof replacement, flat roofing, and skylights for all types of properties, residential, commercial, and industrial.

All Roofing Specialists of Toronto offers commercial roof inspection and maintenance services to commercial property owners, managers, homeowner associations and business owners in Toronto County. For more information about these services please contact us or review the information below.

The Benefits of Hiring a Toronto Roofer

Management and maintenance staff may mean well, but they’re not professional roofers who should be trusted with repairs on your roof. Even well-meaning repairs done without prior professional knowledge often create further problems that would have been avoided had it been done correctly; furthermore repairs done without license from professional contractors won’t come covered under warranty and could void existing warranties altogether.

Consult a professional

Get in touch with us right away if you are renovating or installing a product that penetrates your roof. Otherwise, you may cause structural damage to your roof.

When installed or replaced, the following items can cause structural damage to your roof:

Water heaters

Units for air conditioning

Units powered by solar energy

Inspections and assessments of maintenance

After inspecting a commercial/industrial roof, our inspectors examine it closely for moisture intrusion on its interior, then signs of disrepair on its exterior. When we finish inspecting it all, you’ll receive a comprehensive report about its overall condition including areas that we inspect such as:

Service areas for commercial roofing maintenance in Toronto

The ridges



The downspouts


Protrusions, vents, and flashings on roofs:

Pipes on the roof

The chimney

The vents

The alleys

HVAC unit mounting

Toronto Commercial Roofing Maintenance Programs

Biannual maintenance programs are ideal for commercial properties located near trees that frequently clog drains. We offer scheduled roof maintenance programs on a biannual or annual basis.

Program for preventative maintenance

This is why we recommend utilizing our preventative maintenance program. By repairing small issues when they occur, you’ll be able to reduce the need for larger, more costly roof repairs down the road.

Our team of roofing specialists conduct pre-scheduled appointments to ensure that the roofing materials, drains, gutters, etc. are holding up properly. Inspecting for loose or missing materials, cracks, signs of material weakness, and/or structural weakness is our primary focus. Any time we notice a problem, our team will assess the damage immediately and determine whether an immediate repair is required.

A one-time roof inspection

A one-time roof inspection for your Toronto commercial property is what we do too! Our one-time roofing inspections include:

Inspection of the job (full walk-through)


Property management/owner documentation

Repair estimates

A free estimate can be given to you based on the size of the roof, the type of roofing materials, and the number of penetrations.

Repair Identification

When we inspect a roof, we may notice issues that need to be addressed immediately. If we suspect that the roof’s integrity has been compromised, we recommend that it be repaired immediately. In addition to the roofing inspection documentation, we will also create a separate easy-to-read cost proposal for any recommended repairs or new roof installations.

Give ALL Roofing Specialists of Toronto a call today to schedule an inspection! Inspections usually take only a few hours, so don’t delay!