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Are You Needing Reliable and Trustworthy Roofing Installation in Toronto? At All Roofing Specialists of Toronto, our goal is to make sure that every Toronto resident has an enduring roof over their head; no matter if it be new construction or retrofit. No matter if it is a brand new roof installation or re-roofing project – All Roofing Specialists of Toronto has quality products with superior craftsmanship at its disposal for any roofing job in Toronto!

Are You Looking for Professional Roofing Installation Services?

Installation services for new residential roofs here in Toronto may be essential when constructing or purchasing a property, but how can an existing roof tell when its time for a replacement?

At first glance, roof failure may seem catastrophic; we hope you and your family never need to face that possibility! But repairs costs continue rising over time as repairs require replacement altogether.

At its heart, roof inspection can also play an instrumental role in helping determine when it may be time for replacement roof. An in-depth, professional evaluation will reveal whether your current one has reached the end of its useful life before catastrophic failure occurs; we advise having such an inspection regardless of any initial telltale signs present.

New Roof Installation Benefits

Are the advantages of residential roofing installation clear to you?

Your family and you will remain safe from the elements.

As well as increasing curb appeal and value of your property, installing a new roof can add immense curb appeal and increase its resale potential. Our 50-year non-prorated, transferable warranty makes getting that desired return on investment equal or better than renovating kitchen or bathroom space (depending on which renovation route you select).

Even if you plan to stay put for some time in Toronto, a new roof can make you more proud to call this place home.

Clay tile lifting and installation services available throughout Toronto

Toronto concrete tiles for home applications.

Materials used for asphalt shingle roofs.

Materials for residential roofing

We install a variety of roofing materials in Toronto, from asphalt shingles to slate to synthetic shakes.

Clay Tiles

Clay tile is not only a durable roofing material, but it’s also fire-resistant. This is particularly important in California, where fire season poses a serious threat. Furthermore, clay tiles are an affordable option, so even on a budget, a new roof can be obtained.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tile roofing material offers many other advantages as well, including being low maintenance, sustainable and recyclable – three aspects you may wish to take into consideration before choosing it as your roof choice. Furthermore, its low upkeep requirements mean its sustainability makes this an environmentally-friendly material which we highly recommend our clients consider using. With such wide array of colors and styles to choose from we highly suggest concrete tiles!

Roof Tiles & Asphalt Shingles

In addition to our ENERGY STAR and Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) roof tiles and shingles, we also offer a wide variety of roof shingles. Featuring reflective properties, they keep roofing materials cool and indoor temperatures more manageable by deflecting sun rays. Choosing cool roof tiles or shingles is a great way to lower your energy bills or even get rebates.

The Toronto Roofing Installation Process

When choosing All Roofing Specialists of Toronto as your residential roof installation partner, you can be assured of receiving service with great attention to detail and commitment to quality.

As part of our service to protect your home, we take preventive steps to make sure siding, windows and doors from debris are undamaged. Next we replace existing roofing material while inspecting substructure for any necessary repairs before applying moisture barriers before commencing with installation of quality brands such as Owens Corning shingles GAF Duro-Last from leading brands like Owens Corning or Duro-Last.

By taking extra steps during every stage, you’re ensured of receiving the strongest and most durable roofing system possible.

Wood in Toronto home’s roof deck undergoing inspection.

Toronto’s Best Roofing Installation Services

At All Roofing we have years of experience installing residential roofs of various kinds and products – everything from asphalt shingle roofs to metal. Whatever your roof requirements may be we’ve got you covered!

All Roofing Specialists of Toronto is your go-to destination when it comes to high quality roof materials and comprehensive warranty protection.

All Roofing Specialists of Toronto prides itself in using only top roofing brands such as Owens Corning, GAF and Duro-Last to meet its roofing needs.

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When buying or selling your home, let us perform a thorough roof inspection. Our roof inspections can be verbal or written, depending on our clients’ needs.


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Our highly trained, licensed, insured, and experienced roofers will treat you and your property with the respect and attention to the safety you deserve. No matter what roofing services you need, we will ensure that you get fast and satisfactory results at a fair price.

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Asphalt Shingle Roof Replacement

Asphalt shingle roof replacement done professionally at the best price. All Roofing offers fast response and amazing prices for all types of asphalt shingle roof replacement requests.

Tile & Slate Roof Replacement

Tile & Slate Roof Replacement done professionally at the best price. All Roofing offers fast response and amazing prices for all types of Tile & Slate Roof Replacement requests.

Wood & Cedar Shake Roof Replacement

Wood & Cedar Shake Roof Replacement done professionally at the best price. All Roofing offers fast response and amazing prices for all types of Wood & Cedar Shake Roof Replacement requests.


If you have any question regarding our rooofing services, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or phone consultation with one of our professionals or visit our office. We are pleased to offer all types of roofing services for your needs.


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